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org.jsesoft.mmbi Provides JMX Model MBean instrumentation on the fly. 
org.jsesoft.mmbi.samples TODO 

Uses of JMX in org.jsesoft.mmbi

Methods in org.jsesoft.mmbi that return JMX
static JMX ModelMBeanHelpers.getJMXAnnotation(java.lang.annotation.Annotation[] annotations)
          Inquires the JMX annotation.

Methods in org.jsesoft.mmbi with parameters of type JMX
static ModelMBeanHelpers.getDescriptor(java.lang.String className, JMX annotation, java.beans.FeatureDescriptor feature, java.lang.String defaultName, java.lang.String defaultDisplayName, java.lang.String defaultDescription, java.lang.String descriptorType, java.lang.String role)
          Creates a JMX descriptor from the specified information.

Uses of JMX in org.jsesoft.mmbi.samples

Methods in org.jsesoft.mmbi.samples with annotations of type JMX
 int SampleResource.getInteger()
          Returns an integer.
 boolean SampleResource.isReadOnlyField()
          The getter for the read-only field.
 void SampleResource.namedFunction(long l)
          Does nothing.
 long SampleResource.parametrizedFunction(long aLongParameter)
 void SampleResource.xmlFunction()
          Doesn't do anything.

Method parameters in org.jsesoft.mmbi.samples with annotations of type JMX
 void SampleResource.namedFunction(long l)
          Does nothing.

Constructors in org.jsesoft.mmbi.samples with annotations of type JMX
          Non-parameter constructor.

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